FUSO - The Fusion of Solutions
Fuso Logistic is a third party logistics distribution center that offers flexible solutions related to selling your products online. We offer warehousing solutions, pick and pack fulfillment and shipping services to local and international destinations.

Stay focused on your business

We are an extension of your company, a committed and dedicated partner. See the outsourcing of your inventory as a competitive advantage. Stay focused on your growth and easily manages your peak seasons. In short keep your focus on what you do best!

Let's work together


Thanks to available technologies, it is as if we were next door to your office. Are involvement will enable you to keep an eye on your inventory, prevent back orders, monitor the progress of your orders and be informed through direct contact with us.

Precision and accuracy

Experience makes all the difference. We provide a fast and accurate order picking, packing and fulfillment service. Each order we prepare for you will reflect the quality standards of your organization.

Selling is not everything, shipping is also important!

We work with all the major courier companies. Continue to use your usual carrier or take advantage of our competitive rates thanks to our shipping volume.

In all cases, we track your packages until they reach their destination and if there are any returns, we apply your return policies and protect your corporate image.